10 Ways to Better Organize Your Refrigerator

An organized refrigerator is not only a more efficient space – it’s also a big money saver! There are many gadgets and techniques that can help to organize the many items that we store in our refrigerators. This will help to keep your fridge cleaner as well as prevent items from being pushed to the back and “growing.” So stop throwing away your hard-earned cash in the form of spoiled food and start making your refrigerator work for you! Here’s how.

Can Dispenser

Use soda can dispensers to keep sodas in line. If you routinely keep more than one type of canned drink in the refrigerator, combine two or more types of drink on one dispenser to save room. Even though so-called fridge packs keep drinks organized, putting more than one in the refrigerator takes up valuable space. This easy solution eliminates wasted space while allowing you to see drinks at a glance.

Two-Tier Can Carousel

Similar in function a can dispenser, the two tier-can carousel allows easy access to each of up to 14 cans. The open design is ideal for keeping different kinds of drinks within reach. Place this in an easily accessible area of your fridge for a convenient, organized drink selection.

Green Bags

Green Produce Bags are special bags used to store produce that are designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. They accomplish two things. First, they keep your vegetables easily accessible in one convenient spot – no more expensive produce shoved to the back and forgotten about! Second, they keep your vegetables fresh longer, giving you more time to use them and lessening the chance of a spoiled, rotten mess.

Roll-Out Caddy

Put an end to lost items in the furthest reaches of the fridge by getting a roll-out caddy. These simple, ingenious trays sit on glass shelves and easily slide in and out on wheels, making every inch of space easily accessible. It offers a convenient way of adding additional “drawers” to organize the items in your fridge. Fill each one with groups of similar items, such as condiments and sauces. You can also use the caddies to gather and organize foods needed for the day’s menu, with a separate tray for each night of the week. If you don’t have glass shelves, you can still use the caddy without the rolling function.

Refrigerator Shelf Liner

If you have small children, or just a spell of clumsiness, a shelf liner may be the perfect answer. Refrigerator shelf liners work great to protect your fridge from spills and contain messes before they spread. These specially designed liners prevent spills from falling to lower shelves, a great way to keep a minor spill from becoming a huge mess. They are simply placed on top of the shelf and are easily removed by pulling them out for cleaning.

Fridge Turn-Tables

A Lazy Susan is great for accessing a wide variety of items in a small area, making them perfect for the fridge. Keep even small items within easy reach with this spinning Lazy Susan! Easily turns to keep things in view. Be sure to find one with rubber suction cups if you have glass shelves or brackets to hold it steady on wire racks.

Refrigerator Drawer

Ever wish you had more compartments to organize your fridge? Now you can add your own drawers too! Quickly and easily add a drawer to your space with this slide out drawer. Suction cup base keeps it still, and the sliding feature brings everything in the drawer within reach.

Small Plastic Bins or Baskets

Group similar items together in small bins or baskets. Condiments, salad dressings, cheeses, or lunch meats will be easy to find when they’re in a single location.

Organize Leftovers

Leftovers can quickly become out of hand and be hard to identify after time. Designating a shelf just to leftovers will help to prevent them from getting pushed back into a corner. Use masking tape and a marker to put the date and contents on leftovers before refrigerating them. Knowing what’s in each dish and when to toss it at a glance will be a big help in keeping your refrigerator organized!

Re-Categorize Existing Spaces

Refrigerators are designed with specific compartments for specific items, however, if it doesn’t fit your needs, re-categorize it. If your meat/cheese drawer isn’t large enough, switch it with a produce/crisper drawer. The only caution is raw meat. You will want to keep this location either on a bottom shelf or in a bin to keep it from dripping and contaminating other foods. Group your items together in logical groups and find spaces that they will fit in. For example, group sandwich items together, or keep cheese in one place. Be creative and think outside the box (or drawer).

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