Awesome and Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

Awesome and Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

Art can be used to express things such as emotions or messages you want to convey through it. But sometimes, it is just something that we want to use as a decoration without having any special meaning behind it. For example, we are going to show you some simple and easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas that are really cool and creative which can be made from cheap materials but will definitely make your home’s appearance change.


In this collection of 16 Awesome and Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas we are going to show you some creative ideas that you can make by yourself without much struggle which then you can use to decorate the interior of your home without spending too much money on art pieces that you can’t afford right now. Enjoy and happy crafting!

Use a whisk broom to add texture to your wall paint


Utilize a roller to add texture on your wall

Create your own pattern by outlining it on the wall using a cardboard model



Let your kids have a bit of fun by painting patterns on the wall


Use tape to make “plus” pattern and make a creative wall


Use butterfly decorations made of paper to improve the look of your bedroom


Heart-shaped 3D wall decorations


Make a polka dot pattern on your wall using an easily made model


Corkwood and paint combination for wonderful shapes on the wall of your kids’ room


Use photographs to make a creative photo album on the wall

 Use masking tape to create a geometric, abstract painting


Wrap cute fabric around a rectangular piece of styrofoam or wood and staple in the back


Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas


Create string art with embroidery floss or yarn

Use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like design on a wall


Organize art supplies into a rainbow display


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