How to Glue a Tubular Tire

How to Glue a Tubular Tire

Tubular tires are glued to the rim of the wheel and have an inner tube permanently affixed to the tire casing. When the time comes to glue a tubular tire, you’ll need wax thread, rubber cement and some latex solution. Follow these easy steps to glue a tubular tire.

Step 1 - Getting the Inner Tube Out

Remove the tire from the rim and peel back the tape inside of it. Trim some of the stitching in the tire using a utility knife and then remove the inner tube.

Step 2 - Clean and Dry the Inner Tube

Hot water and detergent should be sufficient to use to wash your inner tube. Dry it well, as water will interfere with the bonding process when gluing the patch to the tube.

Step 3 - Patching Kits

Some patching kits contain thread, patches, glue and instructions on repairing tires. These kits are economical and easy to find.


Step 4 - Gluing Tape

Gluing tape replaces a rubber patch and is a fast and efficient way to repair a tubular tire. Gluing tape is recommended for emergency repairs.

Step 5 - Patching the Inner Tube

If using rubber cement, place a little over the area to be patched and do the same with the patch piece. Press down on the patch firmly to adhere. With gluing tape, it is not necessary to use glue unless the puncture is large. Just position the patch and smooth it down.

Step 6 - Stitching the Tire

It is easier to follow the previous stitches than to create your own. Stitch evenly and firmly and secure tightly when you have finished.

Step 7 - Latex Solution

Latex solution is used to glue the base tape, stitching and inner tube. Spread it evenly and generously over the inside of the tire, stitching and base tape before returning the inner tube. Place the inner tube into the casing and glue the base tape over the top of the tire.

Step 8 - Gluing the Tire to the Rim

Use rubber cement to glue the tire back onto the rim.